This blog is all about the coolest cats in the world. Bengals!
Including other useful all-around feline info.


Quick Bengal Facts

Wild Genes

Bengals retained their Asian leopard cat wild DNA. Crazy active and still wild but are extremely social and will always want to be around you.

Love Water

Bengal cats aren't like your typical feline that is afraid of water. In fact, they love it. They'll seek out and drink from running water while playing with it at the same time. 

Unusually Vocal

Bengals have a very peculiar meow. It's definitely not your normal meow. With it, they aren't afraid to let you know when they are hungry or want attention. 


More Quick Bengal Facts


Up to

16 Years


Male Average

15 lbs 10lbs Most Females

Energy Level


100 % Most of the time

Frequently Asked Questions

So who's the Bengal Cat at the top of the page?

Oh no! How did she get blind?

What else can I expect to find on your site?

Awesome! Thanks. 

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