Cats and the Paranormal: Can Cats See Things Humans Can’t?

If you are a cat parent, you’ve probably witnessed times when your kitty stares off into space as if as if they can see paranormal things your eyes can’t see.

There are other times when your cat’s gaze is uncomfortably trained on you as if he can read your mind. Other times your kitty gets an unprovoked sudden burst of energy in the middle of the night?

You probably know that cats have more developed senses than human beings. However, is this enough to explain the phenomenon of staring at none existent things with such intent, concern, awe, and wonder?

So the million-dollar question to our furry friends is, “what on earth, or out of this earth are you seeing?” That is a great question, however, we are quite sure that they will not be able to respond.

1. Seeing In The Dark

The human eye has a very poor vision in low lighting; cats beat us when it comes this. They can see quite well is low lighting. As such, it is safe to say that during the night, they can see things we cannot see.

However, they cannot see in complete darkness because just like other animals, their eyes depend on the presence of some light. This brings us to the next question.

2. Are They Seeing Ghosts or Something Paranormal?

We’ve all heard the stories of cats seeing ghosts especially when a loved one has recently passed on.

Some claim that they have seen their cat bat at the air with their paws like they are fighting something while your cat is hissing, meowing, and making other strange noises, trying to jump in the air, or chasing invisible things.

We cannot ascertain whether or not the cat is actually seeing a ghost. We can debate this for the rest day but at the end of it all, we will still not have a concrete answer.

However, we do have an alternative explanation for this behavior.

3. What Does Science Say About It?

Science presents us with a logical explanation that proves that cats can see things that humans can’t. It all boils down to the fact that cats can see ultraviolet (UV) light and a couple of other light rays that cannot be seen by the naked human eye.

This whole set of light, seen only by cats and other animals could also potentially represent the energetic fields and auras that surround us, our entire being and our hearts as well. Have you noticed that animals like cats and dogs do avoid some people? It is highly likely that they can sense negative energy from them and are repelled by it.

Moreover, it is possible that cats and humans perceive similar things differently. For instance, reflections and shadows do stimulate our naturally curious companions while we tend to ignore them.

This is because we rationalize the same phenomenon differently. For instance, to us, car headlights are just that, but to our feline friends, they are a mysterious set of bouncing lights.

Besides having a sharper eyesight, their noses an ears can pick smells and sounds that we humans can’t. As such, it is possible that one or more of these senses is drawing them to that spot on the ceiling or that spot in the air; and obviously, their gaze does follow suit.

4. Why Is Your Cat Staring At You?

This one does get a lot of us perturbed, especial when that kitty gives you an unblinking stare. This might leave you wondering, “is there a mouse on my head, or tuna on my face or is he plotting my demise?”

Here’s some good news; chances are, your cat is not planning to kill you and he also cannot read your mind. Your cat is just observing you; you are their parent, you take care of them, and feed them.

A cat is a naturally curious animal, thus watching you is entertaining for them and is also a way of bonding with you. Moreover, cats rarely blink, thus it is easy to mistake a normal gaze for a hard cold stare.

Now, back to the question whether cats see paranormal things such as ghosts? It depends whether you believe in them in the first place.

However, we can confidently confirm that our feline friends can see things we can’t, thanks to their heightened natural senses.

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