Why Two Cats Are Better Than One?

Although cats as generally solitary hunters, it doesn’t necessarily mean they like living alone. But there's this trending common misconception that cats are loners and are best kept as solo pets.

Which, of course, explains why many cats today are living alone without experiencing the benefits arising from relating with other felines.

The truth is that most cats are very social and enjoy being in pairs. If you are planning on adopting a cat, read on and find out why two cats are much better than one.

1. Two Cats Help Each Other Cope with Boredom

We typically leave our cats behind for many hours every day while we go to work or attend to other activities. So, when you only have one cat, it is likely that he or she can become very bored, which often leads to unfortunate outcomes. 

For example, the cat can become depressed, overweight or even start developing bad behaviors. Therefore, if you are coming home to shredded curtains and toppled vases, it is time to consider getting your cat a good friend.

Living with buddies keeps them entertained throughout the day, thus keeping them away from trouble. Whether it is playing or just cuddling, two cats can keep each other company and stay happy.

2. Cats Teach Each Other Important Life Lessons

One of the major recommendations for adopting two cats is bringing them to your home when they are still young so that they can develop together and build stronger bonds.

By design, kittens are vibrant energy machines, and once you adopt them, you will find that they are quite playful.

While playing is perfect for keeping them entertained and occupied, it also serves an important role of teaching cats the essential life skills.

Some of the life skills include how to use the litter box properly, proper posturing for balance and many others. Since cats learn through observation, having two cats helps make the learning process easier.

3. Two For One

Most shelters are overcrowded, and they look for creative and appealing ways of getting more pets to become adopted.

A common trend in cat adoption nowadays is “adopt one and get one free” type of deals. Some shelters use this strategy to help ensure even the less-adoptable cats get a chance to be adopted.

Your second cat could essentially be a huge bargain.

4. Save Two Cats at the Same Time

A rewarding reason as to why two cats are better than one is the fact that you have given the invaluable gift of love to the second kitty. 

Most shelters are forced to kill some pets to maintain a healthy environment and avoid overcrowding.

By choosing to adopt two cats, you get to save these two precious fluffy lives and give them a chance at living a life that is full of happiness and love.

You will also enjoy seeing the two cats play together and the great warmth that cats bring into a home.

5. Avoid Weight Problems

Feline obesity is a huge health concern that every cat owner should take seriously and address immediately without delay.

Obesity will negatively affect your cat’s healthy desire for engaging in physical activities, thus compromising their quality of life. 

Also, a significantly overweight cat can also develop serious health complications like diabetes mellitus and osteoarthritis. As mentioned above, two cats will stimulate each other and spend more time playing. Your two cats will be more active and avoid just sleeping throughout the day.

They will get the exercise they need and therefore not likely to put on unnecessary weight or get any weight-related health issues.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when adopting two cats or more:

Take kittens from one litter

Kittens from one litter are already comfortable with each other and will have an easier time settling in their new environment without any difficulty.

Introduce the two cats gradually 

Generally, it is much easier to incorporate two kittens together as compared to full grown adult cats. This behavior is because cats are naturally territorial and thus they need to be given time to accept a new cat into the home. 

Remember that you need to adopt kittens or age mates with similar activity levels for easier integration.

Open up your heart today to two cats, and you will be happy you did.

About the author 

Erick Dimalanta

I'm just a regular awesome guy that loves everything about Bengal Cats. I have two Bengal sisters that keep my wife and I busy all day. One of our Bengals named Xena eventually went blind at a young age. Which inspired me to create this blog. :-)


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