5 Toxic Foods You Should Never Feed Your Cat

Let's be honest. A majority of us are often under the impression that anything that is edible or even delicious to us is by default, safe for our pets too.

That couldn't be any further from the truth.

Extensive research shows that a good chunk of human food ( or what is better known as 'people food'), is not completely safe for consumption by cats.

If anything, others even border on being toxic or even hazardous to our precious balls of fur.

You might wonder how it is even remotely possible that something you eat every day without experiencing any blowbacks or stomach upsets has the carcinogenic potential to kill your kitten.

Well, here is a quick primer on that.

For starters, the primary drivers for appetite and palatability as far as cats and other pets go is a good balance of fat, protein and moisture content.

The texture of the food also plays a minimal role/effect on the food's palatability.

So as much as a particular class of food might be 'edible' to young cats, they can easily trigger a chain of gastrointestinal reaction. The top five include;

​1. Raw Fish

​In case you didn't know, your cat's biggest addiction is not safe for them, especially when raw.

Well, little servings of tuna now and then will most likely not cause any grievous harm to them, but a steady, consistent diet of tuna can trigger malnutrition since fish does not contain every nutrient that they need for a healthy fur and a robust immune system.

Taking in too much tuna can also cause gradual mercury poisoning.

Raw fish, on the other hand, is known to cause a severe gastrointestinal reaction in felines.

In addition to that, the thiaminase in uncooked fish will break down and coalesce an essential vitamin B component known as thiamine in a cat's digestive system.

Consequently, such a thiamine deficiency will trigger a sequence of neurological problems that could even result in convulsions in the long run.

​2. Chives, Garlic, and Onions

This shouldn't come as a surprise considering that our domesticated feline counterparts will rarely shy away from expressing their distaste for chives and onions.

Well, here is an explanation for their strange behavior.

Onions (whether served in any form; cooked, dehydrated, raw or powdered ), is known to break down a kitty's red blood cells that could easily result in anemia.

This potentially deadly destruction of the animal's red blood cells can be triggered even by the traced of onion powder that is found in some baby foods.

Also, eating a large quantity or smaller nibbles of chives and garlic over a period can result in severe gastrointestinal upsets.

​3. Caffeinated Drinks and Chocolate

Some of us already know that chocolate can be fatal or seriously upsetting to dogs.

It turns out that this also applies to our precious kitties as well.

Chocolate and an assortment of caffeinated drinks, typically contain a myriad of naturally occurring substances known as methylxanthines, that could trigger diarrhea, incessant vomiting, muscle tremors, abdominal discomfort, heightened seizures, thirst, an abnormal heart rhythm and a high body temperature.

So, keep caffeinated beverages away from your cat and take them to vet as soon as they start exhibiting any of the above symptoms.

As far as caffeinated drinks go, it's generally accepted that darker chocolates are more toxic and dangerous than milk or white chocolate.

​4. Raw Eggs and Meat

The consumption of raw eggs or even undercooked meat is likely to lead to E.coli and Salmonella poisoning in felines.

The symptoms of this kind of food poisoning could vary from unexplained lethargy, vomiting to constant diarrhea.

Besides, raw eggs contain a proteinous enzyme that can cause skin and fur problems.

While at it, keep your kitten away from raw bones.

Your cat can choke on them or, even worse, puncture her ultra-sensitive digestive tract.

6. Raw Dough and Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages or foods that contain fermenting alcohol additives can be dangerous if consumed by your cat.

Fresh dough, on the other hand, causes an abnormal expansion of the cat's stomach and could coalesce to alcohol that could later cause the feline's coma or death.

There are many more foods that you ought to keep from your ball of fur; main culprits include; raisins, grapes, dog food, gum, candy and fat trimmings.

About the author 

Erick Dimalanta

I'm just a regular awesome guy that loves everything about Bengal Cats. I have two Bengal sisters that keep my wife and I busy all day. One of our Bengals named Xena eventually went blind at a young age. Which inspired me to create this blog. :-)


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