Why Bengal Cats Make Great Pets

​Most prospective owners may wonder whether Bengal cats make great pets. Considering that one of their ancestors is the wild Asian leopard cat.

Still, despite their exotic ancestor and their overall exotic appearance, which people may associate with the wilderness.

Bengal cats are in fact delightful domestic cats. They can be great pets and a thoroughly enjoyable company.

There are several reasons why Bengal cats are excellent pets.

​1. Bengal cats are extremely intelligent cats

​Bengal cats are quite intelligent four-legged companions.

They are much more intelligent than the average domestic cat, and they may even be more intelligent than the clever Siamese cat.

The high IQ of Bengal cats makes them especially easy to properly train. They love learning new skills, as they enjoy a challenge.

A Bengal's high intelligence makes it even possible for them to be trained to properly use a human toilet instead of a litter box.

Bengal cats are considered to be quite vigilant, as nothing escapes their attention.

They are quite curious, so they enjoy playing with interactive puzzle toys, or anything that presents a challenge. Their curiosity is insatiable, so no matter how many fun toys, games and activities the owners present them with, they will always be ready for more.

These traits make Bengal cats especially suitable for active families who enjoy interactive games.

2. Bengal cats exhibit unique quirks and can learn tricks

​Bengal cats are quite different from other domestic cats, and they have certain unique quirks that make them stand out as amusing pets.

Despite the fact that learning tricks is a notion usually associated with dogs, Bengal cats are quite skillful at this activity.

They can learn how to open doors by pushing the doorknob, or they can learn how to switch a light on and off, all by watching and repeating what their owners do.

They can even learn how to fetch and they also have a tendency to follow their owners, just like dogs do.

An especially distinctive quirk of some Bengal cats is to turn the faucet on or flush the toilet over and over again, just so they can watch the water run or swirl.

This fondness they have for water is another notion which is not usually associated with cats. Other domestic cats may avoid water, but Bengal cats love everything about it.

They may indulge in swimming if given the opportunity or they may indulge in fishing, as they are amazing hunters.

3. Bengal cats are quite active, friendly and playful

​Most domestic cats enjoy relaxing around the house, but this is usually not the case with the ever curious, energetic Bengal cats.

These cats love to go for walks around the neighborhood, and they can easily get accustomed to a leash; some of them may be great company in walks through the park, or even hiking or camping trips.

Bengal cats are playful and friendly, so they make an excellent companion for families with children.

Since both children and Bengal cats are usually energetic and curious, they compliment each other well.

These cats love attention, so they are more than willing to play with children for hours and have proven to be fun companions for kids.

Bengal cats can even get along well with other cats. Of course when carefully introduced to one another, so that neither party feels threatened.

What is especially interesting is that, despite the usual cat-dog relationship misconceptions, Bengal cats get along extremely well with cat-friendly dogs.

4. Bengal cats are graced with exotic looks

​Bengal cats are not only characterized by their unique personalities, but also unique looks.

These cats are larger in size than other domestic cats, and they are also distinguished by their large, oval eyes.

Bengal cats are quite agile, and have muscular, strong bodies, which are quite graceful in movement.

Their coat is especially noteworthy for its beauty. It is silky and soft and comes in various colors and patterns.

As well as what most Bengal owners call a "glitter" effect, visible when the cat is standing in the light.

Bengal cats make great pets; they have unique, beautiful looks. They are active and playful, as well as friendly with children and cat-friendly dogs.

They are highly intelligent, so they can be taught tricks and properly trained rather easily.

All in all, they make entertaining feline companions, which enhance the atmosphere in any home.

About the author 

Erick Dimalanta

I'm just a regular awesome guy that loves everything about Bengal Cats. I have two Bengal sisters that keep my wife and I busy all day. One of our Bengals named Xena eventually went blind at a young age. Which inspired me to create this blog. :-)


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