Why Bengal Cats Need Vertical Space

Many cat lovers consider Bengal cats to be the “cool kid on the block”. And who could blame them? Their exotic, wild and feral appearance has awarded them with that reputation. This may be the reason why there are over 60,000 Bengal cats registered with “TICA” (The International Cat Association), with numbers growing consistently.

Bengal cats are the outcome of crossbreeding Asian Leopard cats with domestic breeds such as the Egyptian Maus. As a result, Bengals inherited feral tendencies, which dictate a feline lifestyle that is slightly different from their domesticated cousins.

1. Why Being Up High is Important

As ancient predators in the wild, Bengal cats were used to rest in high places and in spots with open views. Being up high allows them to survey their surroundings from a comfortable distance, searching for prey without the fear of being ambushed by enemies.

So why fight your cat’s instinct, if they live indoors? Why not get them a proper place of their own, on which they can climb and be themselves?

Allowing your cat to climb and rest on a high spot around your house, will give it a stronger sense of security in its environment and more territory to play and explore.

If you’ve ever had a timid cat, you know that when visitors (or as the cat sees them - intruders) enter your home, the cat bolts for safety under the bed.

Giving your cat its own space that is high up on the wall can inspire a little more confidence. When your cat is up in its natural place of choice, it can relax and observe everything, knowing that no one can sneak up or cause it any harm.

Vertical space can dramatically increase your Bengal cat’s comfort zone, while expanding your Bengal’s domain and reducing the possibility of territorial disputes. Another advantage is that it provides great exercise, especially for kittens with raging levels of energy.

But how can we make our home more Bengal cat friendly in terms of vertical space?

2. Book Shelves

Any free or unused bookshelves in your home? Bookshelves are really easy to set up for your cat as an elevated perch.

They’re incredibly handy and versatile, when it come to creating vertical space for your feline. Plus, you can style them any way you want and they won’t take up any extra floor space.

It is important to make sure that the shelf can handle the cat’s weight and that it’s leveled so your cat won’t fall over when it lands on the shelf.

3. Cat Window Perch

Whether indoors or outdoors, Bengal cats establish their territory by exploring vertical spaces. They scan their surroundings for any movement or activities within their direct line of sight. 

A nice window perch could be a great place for your cat to lay and be in control of its surroundings.

Whether your feline is an indoor dweller, or whether it loves to be outside, a window perch can be the perfect exercise your cat needs, while satisfying its natural instinct for climbing up high.

To help your Bengal cat deal with its high energy levels, you should try to provide it with as much options for activities as possible.

This is why a cat window perch is a great way for doing just that – they can exercise as they climb up and then take a nap in a high perch when they just want to relax.

4. Cat Trees

Cats are territorial by nature. One of the key elements in a kitten’s well being is being free to explore vertical space. Cat trees can come in handy, especially for those who have a smaller apartment.

Cat trees will enable you to create a great vertical climbing space, which will take up a relatively small spot on your floor.

When your kitten has its own space, it will feel safe while still having the freedom to explore and climb high.

Keeping your Bengal cat indoors is one of the ways to ensure that it has a long and healthy life and stays away from mischief.

However, your Bengal cat will need some intrigue in its surroundings, in order for it to be challenged and feel vital. Following the tips mentioned above will not take much of your time but will ensure that you have a happy and healthy cat.

This is a guest post from wwwallaboutcats. Their site was inspired by the decision to share knowledge that was learned while raising three beautiful cats. Also to create a cat-loving community where cat-lovers can share stories, advice, and educate one another.

About the author 

Erick Dimalanta

I'm just a regular awesome guy that loves everything about Bengal Cats. I have two Bengal sisters that keep my wife and I busy all day. One of our Bengals named Xena eventually went blind at a young age. Which inspired me to create this blog. :-)


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