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Why Do Cats Lick Plastic?

Does your cat go absolutely crazy over plastic?Well, you aren’t alone. Millions of pet owners all around the world have also noticed the same behavior with their cats.Many vets and other feline experts have put forth theories trying to explain this unusual behavior found in many cats.There is no one specific reason that can explain it […]

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Why Do Cats Have Whiskers?

Cats have many extraordinary attributes. Most of them can easily be explained and given a logical use straightaway.However, you may not realize the use whiskers can have for a cat.These tactile hairs, which are very sensitive, may grow on a cat’s nose, above the cat’s eyes, around its jaw, ears or anywhere else on its […]

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Do Cats Feel Pain Like Us?

​Cats are usually found kneading, exploring around the house, or simply relaxing in their favorite corner of the room or their owner’s lap. They usually purr when they are satisfied and completely comfortable, although this also may vary from cat to cat. But what about the times when they are feeling discomfort in any way? […]

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11 Ways Owning a Cat Can Improve Your Health

Contents Lessens Allergies, Asthma and Improves Immunity in GeneralLowers Stress and DepressionLowers Blood PressureHeals and Strengthens BonesLowers CholesterolReduces the Risk of a StrokeHelps Inhibit AutismReduces LonelinessReduces AnxietyLowers the Chances of Cardiovascular Disease and Heart AttackOffers Companionship and Happiness Are you contemplating owning a pet but have no idea which animal to go for? For all the […]

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