Does Your Bengal Cat Know When It’s Being Punished?

Considering that Bengal cats may misbehave at times, it comes to no surprise that many owners wonder what to do to stop such unwanted behavior.

Are punishments an effective solution in such cases?

After all, in order for a punishment to be effective, it is vital that the cat understands that what is happening is a punishment meant to improve its behavior.

So, does your Bengal cat know when it is being punished?

There are certain notions you should be aware of, when considering whether to punish your Bengal cat, as a way of improving its behavior:

1. Bengal cats may misbehave in order to communicate

We have to note that certain misbehavior may just be the Bengal cat's way of telling you something important. Of course, when a cat is misbehaving in order to communicate something, it is not a good idea to turn to punishment.

It is always much better to focus your attention on trying to understand what certain inadequate behavior may mean, and then address the issue.

For example, your Bengal cat may start behaving badly because it is experiencing a medical problem.

So, if your cat seemingly stops using the litter box to do its business, maybe the reason is a medical issue, such as diarrhea, and not a case of a cat acting up.

Naturally, in such cases, punishing the cat to persuade it to stop, will only be viewed as detrimental and misjudged, Whatever the situation, it is always important to consider the possible justified reasons for unwanted behavior before taking any action.

2. Bengal cats don't understand physical punishment

Physical punishment as a way of stopping bad behavior from happening again, is not something any cat can understand, and that also includes Bengal cats.

If a Bengal cat acts up, and is physically punished for it, it will always view it as inexplicable aggression on your part. In fact, hitting your Bengal cat to discourage it from repeating the same behavior in the future, will only make the cat distrust you and feel unsafe around you.

So, you should never hit your cat, as no good will come from it.

In other words, if you physically punish your cat, it will not know it is a punishment or view it as a lesson learned. Instead, such a way of implementing discipline can only help destroy the bond you and your pet share.

3. Effective ways to discourage your Bengal cat from misbehaving

Physical punishment will get you nowhere with your Bengal cat, but there are certain techniques that may successfully discourage unwanted behavior.

Issuing an assertive, firm "NO"

is one such method that can show your pet certain behavior will no longer be tolerated. Also, assessing a situation and finding a specific solution for it is most advisable.

For example, if your Bengal cat is being aggressive, it is important to understand why that is.

Has there been an enormous change in its life? For example, has someone new moved in with you? If this is the case, the Bengal cat may be reacting to this change by acting aggressively. In such a situation, there is no point in raising your voice as a form of punishment.

Instead, we recommend you remove the cat from the situation you believe is causing its troubling behavior, Specifically, you can achieve this by putting your Bengal cat in a darkened room to let it calm down on its own terms.

4. Positive reinforcement is always better than negative

Instead of focusing on the negative, and punishing bad behavior, it can be more beneficial to focus on the positive and reward your pet's achievements.

This positive reinforcement can be applied during training, or in any other case your cat's behavior is praiseworthy.

In such cases, you can use food or a clicker to reward your Bengal cat, and show your pet how good behavior can definitely pay off the most. 

All in all, Bengal cats do not fully grasp the concept of punishment.

If you physically punish them for bad behavior, that may destroy the bond you share.​

Instead of punishing your cat for undesirable behavior, we recommend you focus your pet's attention on rewards gained through good behavior.

That way, instead of fearing you, your Bengal cat will delight in good behavior, one which guarantees it gets a tasty treat.

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