10 Fascinating Facts About Cats

Did you know that a cat doesn’t have nine lives? This statement is just one of the many myths that arose because cats have one of the fastest reflexes and keen senses compared to other pets.

With cats outnumbering dogs in America today, it is worth getting to know more about these precious pets.

Read on below and discover ten fascinating facts about cats.

Fact 10: Purring doesn’t always indicate happiness

The common observation about the cat purr is that it only occurs when they are happy and feeling great.

However, the purr is not just limited to experiencing happiness.

Cats purr when they are injured, hungry or even frightened. Most interestingly, those low purring frequencies help in stimulating healing and bone regeneration.

Fact 9: Their vertical pupils are not just for beauty

Cats may have one of the most unique-looking eyes compared to other pets, especially their vertical-shaped pupils. 

For animals that are usually active 24 hours a day, like a domestic cat, these vertical pupils are critical for allowing them to see in any light condition. Their slit pupils enable them to react to light changes more smoothly.

Fact 8: Cats Can Hunt Better than Dogs

Due to their strength and agility, cats can hunt better than dogs.

In fact, studies show that cats have been historically surviving better than dogs.

Evidence shows that cats once out-competed their dog counterparts for food resulting in a significant decline in the number of dog species.

Fact 7: Cats Don’t Have a Sweet Tooth

If you’ve ever wondered why your cat doesn’t appreciate sweet treats, then you should know that cats cannot taste sweetness

This behavior is unique to the cat species, from your domestic cat to wild lions and tigers, as they have a genetic deficiency where they cannot detect the taste or sweetness in foods.

Fact 6: Every Cat Nose Print is Unique

If you look closely at a cat’s nose, you will see little ridges and bumps. Those prints and patterns are unique to each cat.

Actually, like your fingerprints, a cat’s nose prints can be used in identification since all cats have different nose patterns.

Fact 5: Some Cat Diseases are Similar to Humans

Cats are vulnerable to many hereditary diseases, and most of them are similar to what humans get.

Felines can get FIV, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, which is related to HIV in humans. Additionally, cats can also become obese if they do not exercise or eat the right foods.

Fact 4: Cats Drink Fluids in an Interesting Way

Whether it is some milk or water in a bowl, cats don’t dip their mouths into the liquid to drink. Instead, they use the tips of their tongue to touch the water’s surface and then quickly retract the tongue.

Liquid adhesion forces the water to move upwards into the cat’s mouth, and the cat closes its mouth immediately before gravity overcomes that movement.

Fact 3: Male Cats Have a Barbed Penis

The reason why male cats have a barbed penis is that it helps to stimulate ovulation. As female cats don’t ovulate before intercourse, the barbs target the vulva causing the female to release an egg.

Additionally, the barbs also ensure that the female will not escape before the mating process is completed.

Fact 2: Cat’s Love Their Sleep

Cats can sleep for up to 20 hours per day. Many people confuse this behavior by referring to cats as nocturnal.

Cats are considered as crepuscular, as they are most active at dusk and dawn.

Cats follow a predator’s physiology, in that they are naturally inclined to hunt at night and always rest when possible to conserve their energy.

Fact 1: Cat’s don’t Care about what you say

Dogs are known for being obedient and always responding to calls with some higher level of accuracy than cats.

In contrast, cats didn’t evolve to comply with our orders.

So, now you understand why your cat just chooses to ignore your commands sometimes even though they are fully capable of understanding what you are saying.

By the way, an ailurophilia is the Latin term for someone who loves cats.

Hopefully, you have learned one or two things you didn’t know about cats from reading this post.

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    My cats have a great recall—-they come at a dead gallop when someone shakes the “Temptations” container. They may not give a darn about what we say, but “Temptations” is God to them. Very interesting cat facts.

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