Bengals Love Water

My previous cat was an American Short-hair that hated water. She wouldn't even get near it unless it was in her water bowl. Xena and Gabbi however, love water like crazy.

I've read Bengals are actually attracted to water. Probably since their instinctual roots come from the Asian Leopard Cat which is indigenous to southern Asia.

I've also made the mistake of having Xena drink from the sink. She just loves the sound of running water. Gabbi was drinking out of her water bowl for about a week and then I guess she just picked up on what Xena was doing.

Now often times they will both sit by a sink and meow till we turn the water on.

To remedy this, I purchased a water fountain bowl from which is awesome! Previously I was using the Drinkwell Ceramic Avalon Fountain. It was decent but the motor for the fountain ended up dying so I looked for another alternative.

I was actually relieved to get the fountain a while back since we usually leave still water in their bowl, but don't really see them drinking out of it. When my sister comes to visit, I always have to let her know to make sure you pay close attention to them. They'll usually meow and want you to follow them and lead you to the sink.

Now, because of the fountain, I no longer have that worry since they drink from it all the time. However, it still doesn't stop them from begging in front of the sink. πŸ˜›

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