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Do Cats Bite Their Tongue?

Do cats ever bite their tongues accidentally? This is a puzzling question that baffles many kitty owners especially when they have a sneak peek of the array of razor sharp teeth studded in their cute little mouths.Teeth that look like they can inflict some serious damage to the supple, super-sensitive, pink tongue.Well, if you have […]

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Can Cats See Well In The Dark?

Considering how effortless they make navigating the house at the night seem, most people tend to assume that cats can see clearly in the dark. However, this really is just a myth.Still, our feline friends have extraordinary vision, which allows them to be very active during the evening or very early in the morning. You […]

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Do Scorpion Stings Affect Cats?

Scorpions have over 1000 species spread out across the world.However, most of these Scorpion species do not have venomous stings and do not pose too much danger to your feline friend.Still, a scorpion sting hurts like crazy, and while cats are experts at hiding pain, they have to endure a painful number of days before […]

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5 Toxic Foods You Should Never Feed Your Cat

​Let’s be honest. A majority of us are often under the impression that anything that is edible or even delicious to us is by default, safe for our pets too.That couldn’t be any further from the truth.Extensive research shows that a good chunk of human food ( or what is better known as ‘people food’), […]

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