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Why Two Cats Are Better Than One?

Although cats as generally solitary hunters, it doesn’t necessarily mean they like living alone. But there’s this trending common misconception that cats are loners and are best kept as solo pets.Which, of course, explains why many cats today are living alone without experiencing the benefits arising from relating with other felines.The truth is that most […]

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Can Cats Fall From Any Height and Survive?

As a cat owner, you must be familiar with the incredible agility that this feline breed exhibits, especially when it comes to surviving massive falls. There have been reports of cats walking away with just minor injuries after accidentally falling off buildings, some as high as 32 stories. That’s like superhero amazing!Truth be told, our […]

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Do Cats Bite Their Tongue?

Do cats ever bite their tongues accidentally? This is a puzzling question that baffles many kitty owners especially when they have a sneak peek of the array of razor sharp teeth studded in their cute little mouths.Teeth that look like they can inflict some serious damage to the supple, super-sensitive, pink tongue.Well, if you have […]

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Can Cats See Well In The Dark?

Considering how effortless they make navigating the house at the night seem, most people tend to assume that cats can see clearly in the dark. However, this really is just a myth.Still, our feline friends have extraordinary vision, which allows them to be very active during the evening or very early in the morning. You […]

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