How Long Do Bengal Cats Live For?

Graceful, agile, strong and with a distinctive, beautiful coat to boot, the Bengal is without a doubt the definition of awesomeness.

In fact, Bengals could be easily mistaken for a wild cat on the prowl, except Bengals have the same temperament as a well-socialized and meek domestic cat.

But how long do Bengals live? Can they last a lifetime? Or just a few decades? Let's check it out. 

But before we look at the life expectancy of a Bengal cat, it is important to first-of-all shed some important light at some of the factors that affect a Bengal's lifespan.

Here's a quick overview of that.

1. Nutrition

There's a famous common saying that goes like,


You Are What You EAT!

There's a reason why the best athletes and arguably the fittest people on the planet live on a meticulous and strict diet.

Just as you need proper nutrition to feel and perform at your best, Bengal cats too ought to be kept on a nutritious diet to prolong their life expectancy.

All other factors held constant, Bengals that receive inadequate or poorly balanced food ( especially during the formative stages of their growth ), are likely to die earlier than those kept on a healthy diet.

Not to mention that disease immunity is always directly proportional the nutritive value of your cat's food.

Bengals may develop gastrointestinal and coat allergies after eating particular types of foods such as raw fish or onions.

If this becomes a habit, you could be looking a severely deteriorated immune system, something that consequently translates to premature death.

2. Exercise

Bengals are naturally active pets, thanks to the genetic combination that can be traced back to the Asian leopard cat.

As such, adequate, appropriate and regular exercise is an important part of the health of these pets. Which, in turn, determines how long they will live as far as the rest of the factors are held constant.

So slice some time off your busy schedule to walk your Bengal cat or just play with at least three times per week if they are always indoors.

3. Healthcare and Regular Veterinary Service

One of the best ways of prolonging the health of your Bengal is by paying critical attention to their health.

Just like us, a seemingly small injury can deteriorate to a serious problem if the matter is not addressed urgently and appropriately.

The same applies to regular vaccination and routine dental checkup. All of these directly or indirectly determine how long your Bengal cat will live.

Speaking of which, health care is not just limited to medical or veterinary care. Sometimes, something as simple as keeping your Bengal well-groomed, neat, and their surroundings sparkling clean ( without loose fur, stool, or foreign objects ) can go a long way in improving the chances of your Bengal's longevity.

4. Pollutants and Environmental Factors

Bengal cats, being generally smaller and tinier than us, means that they are more susceptible to the effects of pollutants and toxins in their environment.

They are also physically closer to the ground and use their sense of smell to explore their surroundings more than we do.

Besides, they tend to groom themselves with the aid of their tongues.

All these imply several things:

They could easily absorb or ingest toxins such as pesticides, insecticides, dyeing agents, chemical lawn fertilizers, and other chemical agents.

Secondly, given that pets spend a lot of their time in one location/home/environment, the gradual accumulation of these toxins and stress are likely to affect them more than you.

So, ensure that your cat's living area is kept as clean and pristine as possible.

Whether or not this is true (I personally don't believe it), a person by the name of Abbey Goms listed that the oldest Bengal lived to 34 years old.

On average, the lifespan of Bengals fluctuates between 12 and 17 years.

Your Bengal may live longer than this with excellent health care, proper nutrition, and of course, plenty of both physical exercise and mental stimulation.

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