How To Tell If Your Cat Is Bored?

Have you ever wondered why your cat looks a bit disconnected at times?

Chances are good that it's bored.

While dogs might be the champions of attention, cats love some attention as well.

It is during this period that they get playful, which is a rare thing especially for grown cats. Usually this will fill you with joy while helping you relax after a long day.

Whomever said that cats require less attention were wrongfully mistaken.

This made most individuals confuse their self-sufficient nature for boredom and at times, sickness.

A happy cat is often active and all over the place, and too much sleep does not mean your cat is okay.

Just like humans, cats also get bored and seeing how they lift our spirits up when boredom strikes, it’s only right to do the same for our furry friends.

First, you'd have to be able to tell when your cat is bored, and that is no easy task. Here are some tips to identify a bored cat.

​1. Over-grooming

Is there more cat fur on your carpet than expected? Has your cat started portraying repetitive behavior all of a sudden?

These might be signs that your cat is bored.

It is a fascinating way to show it, seeing we do the same when we are hit by boredom.

The only difference is, we bite our nails, tap our feet or play with our hair.

Aside from pulling out some fur, cats also tend to bite their skin or lick themselves for long periods of time.

It is typical for cats to lick their paws and other areas of their body, but if they are endlessly licking themselves then chances are your little furball is bored.

​2. Overeating or not Eating at All

An attachment to the food bowl and its content is not a good sign. A happy cat is one with a full tummy right?

W R O N G!

if your cat is consuming more than its average intake then chances are it's dying of boredom. 

Funny thing is, we indulge in overeating as well when bored. 

Still, if you don’t want a cat that struggles up the stairs and pants at the slightest bit of exercise, do not overfeed it!

Also, a complete disinterest in food can also be a sign of boredom from your cat. Or even an underlying health issue. 

Is your cat still on dry food?​

When was the last time you treated them to some canned cuisine? Trust me, they love it, and it is an excellent way to help them chase boredom away with a more moist and different food option. 

This may keep them motivated for their next moist meal and actively run around awaiting till that times comes. ​

​3. A lot of Sleep

Lord knows even I love to sleep when I’m bored, and the same goes for cats too.

Don’t get me wrong, cats sleep a lot, but if your cat is sleeping more than usual, then they are probably bored.

Interacting with your pet more often can solve this problem.

Trust me! I know we are all tired after a long day of work, but your little furry companion relies on you to keep them stimulated and active.

Do you know the games they like to play? Indulge them whenever they oversleep.

Kittens may be a little more playful than their adults, but don’t miss a chance to play with your cat because they are older.

They need the love and some fun too, just like grandparents when the world gets hectic.

​4. Destructive Traits

Are you coming home to litter everywhere or maybe a broken plant pot, or two?

You are not expected to stay home all day or take your cat to work, but sometimes a lack of attention can lead to boredom, which heightens to their destructive behavior.

While some cats can be left unattended for a whole day, others require someone around to play with or offer some sort of distraction occasionally.

Destructive behavior is a show of boredom from cats, and if not properly attended to, it can lead to depression. Yes, just like humans, cats too can suffer from depression because of boredom as well.

​5. Fights

Have you noticed an aggressive turnaround from your feline friend who normally gets along with other cats, dogs, or people?

This trait is a sign that your cat is just being an ass or is likely just bored.

Even kids pick fights to get their parents attention and cats employ the same logic.

Help your cat release some of that energy through games or exercises. Don't be lazy!

Other than the tips mentioned above, your cat can also stop using the litter box or portray a lack of interest in almost everything as a sign of boredom.

Get new toys such as a cat tower to keep your cat occupied.

You can also set thirty minutes or more every day for active play to ensure your cat stays lively and ultimately, healthy.

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